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Inclusive beginner running groups across Cambridgeshire.

Get running with nice local people.
Beginner friendly – you’ll never get left behind.
Free and always will be.

Build your fitness quickly

There is no quicker way to get fit than running. But we don't expect anyone to run 5k straight off. Our sessions include running at different speeds and walking breaks, where they're needed.

The only goal is to enjoy it

You don't have to run far or fast - just enjoy being active with friendly people. We try to make every session an enjoyable stretch for each person.

Hosted by friendly people

All our host are volunteers who love helping people get running. Many started running with Run For Your Life! We are all England Athletics qualified (Leader in Running Fitness) and DBS checked.


How to get started

Explore our runs in Cambourne, Bar Hill, Cherry Hinton and Sawston. You can be sure of a very warm welcome and a stress-free run. Join our Facebook group to get to know us before you take the plunge!

Map of Cambridge showing runs in Bar Hill, Cherry Hinton, Cambourne and Sawston



How far will I be running?All our sessions allow you to run between 1 and 4 miles - you can choose.
If you are in the run / walk phase you'll run for 1-2 miles but you'll cover a bit more ground with the walking.
If you're running continuously, you'll cover 2-4 miles.
What should I bring?You must wear a white or reflective top. Bring water if you'd like to.How many people will I be running with?Our focus in on small groups so the group size is usually 4-8 with a maximum of 12.Can I run if I’m ill or injured?We advise you not to run if you have been unwell in the last 3 days. We advise you not to run if you have an injury. If you experience pain in a joint, muscle etc during the session, we advise you to stop and walk back to the check in point. Stop and ask another group member for help if you are unable to bear weight.


Legal stuff

All our hosts are qualified through England Athletics as Leaders in Running Fitness and are DBS checked.You should always consult with a doctor if you have any health-related concerns or need advice about injuries.You are totally responsible for your own safety while running with us including crossing roads and keeping safe on paths shared with cycles.You must wear very light or reflective clothing. If you come in dark kit, you won’t be able to run with the group, so sorry.You have to be over 18 years of age to run with Run For Your Life, unless you come with a parent who runs with you. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children throughout the whole session. Parents and children must both wear hi-viz.We all have a duty of care to each – alerting others to danger by shouting or pointing, and not doing anything that puts others in danger.Run For Your Life accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to possessions during the running sessions.

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